As of November 2013, this space will be changing its focus.  Those that have a BACKSTAGE ACCESS MEMBERSHIP will be able to find the lectures from their membership over at ... the new spin off community project lead by our former owner
D1 - Center of the Village
D1 - Center of the Village
It covers all kinds of  close up performance magic. As one of the free spaces it  will give those who  haven’t joined on as BAM members a reason to  consider crossing over to  the premium membership.
Designed for our  stage illusion fans. D2 is shorthand for “Doug and David’s” a tribute to  Doug Henning and David Copperfield. Sure we could have gone S&R but  D2 just had a ring to it.
Specifically made  for magicians who work doing Restaurant Magic. The focus of  this group being on promotional entertainment in restaurants and in the  specialized business techniques used in this niche area. As the  Professor often shared "Confusion is NOT Magic". 
Think “Bar Magic” only  without the alcohol theme here in MagicianVillage. We know not everyone  likes the bar atmosphere and so we created a slightly relaxed yet still  intoxicating place to play around with Bar Magic
For those who  have found magic to be a useful tool in teaching religious based  education. It offers a nondenominational approach that will help  cultivate better ways to improve gospel magic as it is seen today.
Specializing in money magic with bills, coins and credit cards.
Area for working through insurance issues and discussion of insurance options and needs.
Public Relations for magic  businesses has come a long way since Harry Houdini, arguably the king of  Public Relations and  Promotion started causing public spectacles to  draw attention to his  shows. These days there is no need for hanging  upside down from  buildings, escaping from a straight jacket.. Now we  have social  networking taking over the business world. With that comes a  whole new  approach and skill set that is required  to get you business  out front  and center. This
While our history has  gadgets galore that worked on mechanical principles ... in this  millennium its all about electrical  efforts. This Space focuses on the  ins and outs of the Technology we  use to make our Show Business efforts  move forward - Props, Lights,  Sound, Computers, Geekness and More!
A home for the continuing discussion and conversation related to our legal and ethical quandaries in the industry.
All things tax and book keeping plus a place for discussions regarding PayPal, merchant accounts and more.
This Space functions  much like a geographical Chamber. It is about  driving opportunities  for commerce in the community. Ways we can bring  buyers and sellers  together for winning relationships that support the community. The Chamber also Sponsors the Monthly “Business Lecture Series” over a $350 value by itself for Backstage Access Members!
Wall the virtual halls of our Mall of Mystery and enjoy this directory for a variety of resources. From  magic shops to specialized  services to help your business, the Mall of  Mystery is website based  and clicking on the building on the village map  will transport you to a  mall floor plan.
Just like most cities  and towns you need a place for visitors to get  information. A place to  ask questions and learn about special features.
This is a “Positive Feedback”  solution to our community regarding  buying and selling and  participation throughout the economy. We will  take nominations for  submissions by peers. We’re working on creating the industries best resource that is EXCLUSIVELY for our “Backstage Access Members”. Each month we hope to  highlight a member and  induct them into our “Walk of Fame.”
Everything you  ever wanted to talk about regarding Scouting Magic Shows, From Pack  Meetings to Blue and Gold Banquets. This  is where you want to be. Your  Host & Sponsor is none other than the  guy who wrote the book "Kyle  Peron". Yes, he really did write what is  arguably the best book on the  subject. Members will be able to share  their ideas on show routines and  more.
This group is a great place  to get the latest information on what is happening in the news within  our magic community.
Set up like a  coffee house open mic night. Members can post performance  videos here.  Each month there is a contest for best performance.  Members vote with  their like buttons. IF and ONLY IF a member asks for  feedback is any  feedback allowed to be given. Prizes may eventually  include a bag of  our own Magic Beans Roasted Coffee.
Support Services Suburbs think of all the types of services we use a members of the performing arts that RELATE to magic in very specific ways and you’re beginning to get an idea of what will be included here soon! Notice that construction has already begun on our map.
Education Estates has MANY spaces that further extend the niche discussions ... Including many resources where to find __________!!
Specifically made for magicians who inspire our future … by performing acts of wonder and amusement for the next generation … Children's Magic. The focus of this space is all aspects related to performing for children … from in the class room (educational) to in the home (birthdays) and more!!
Not what you might think at first … SILENT MAGIC is all about the unique niche-within-a-niche of magic related to magic that is performed BY and FOR the Hearing Impaired. Performances, Music, Effect Selection, Interpreters, etc. are all major topics in this space here at MagicianVillage.
A great place for discussions about the 5WH of Creativity … the Who, What, When, Where, Why, & How that is! Explore the elements, as well, for anything related to the creative process (illustrations, concepts, staging, marketing, etc.) SPECIFICALLY from how the creative process works.
Discussions about that in-between  area of magic where close up and stage meet. Parlor magic and smaller  venue presentations.
D2 - Niche Meadows
D1 - Center of the Village
D2 - Niche Meadows
D3 - Financial District
D4 - News & Information Way
D5 - Support Services Suburbs
D6 - Education Estates
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